Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Back to Normal:What is that?

What is normal?

Jordan- Work and Work But that never changes

Melissa-Trying to look GREAT in 2008. Taebo with friends 4 days a week and jogging at the gym. And of course cleaning the house, laundary, cooking, laundry, homework help, Playing a part in a play, laundry, cleaning the office, and did I say laundry. And I have a few dates with Jordan and girls nights out. I also love staying home with one sweet little girl. I am also coaching Karson's b-ball team.

Brysan-homework, helping his mom a ton, dances, scouts, reading, computer games, camp outs, wrestling,and starting basketball!

Karson-Homework, scouts, computer games, taking care of Besty the spider, basketball,

Taysan-homework, scouts, helping mom with Izzie, playing with friends

Jackson- Homework, taking care of big bear, sledding out side, andgoing to school by himself

Isabelle-Getting into everything, saying "Hi" to everybody and is the center of attention most of the time.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Izzie is ONE!!!

I can't beleive that Isabelle is one. Where did the year go. At first she was a little timid to dig in but she discovered it was chocolate and she loved it!!! We gave her a flip phone toy and she loved it. I also put in a picture of her favorite place to be. She gets very mad when the door is closed.

Friday, January 4, 2008


We decided that we would go bowling before the vacation was up so we invited some friend and had it all planned. I even talk to Jordan and he said that it was really quiet and as luck would have it he didn't have any patients in the barn. I got my hopes up and was excited!!! For those of you who don't know Jordan is very rarely off. But as luck would have it a pig came in at 4:30 for surgey but I am thinking Jordan isn't a surgen but they are busy so being the great guy he is he get stuck with it. So unfortunatly the kids And I went with our friends. We missed Jordan but had a good time. I think our only future with bowling maybe with Jackson. Although the pecking order is strong so Taysan was able to fight back and win 80 to79. Always good to get out. The other thing the boys have loved doing on the break is sledding. Mom is a little paranoid About the frozen pond at the end of the hill. But they promise to becarefull and I am checking about every 2 min. Thank goodness for good windows.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

first time blogger

My blogg is all out of order but I am sure I will get better.

Jack on stage

While we were leaving the beach there was a guy doing a show on the street. He said he had been on Leno and he was doing a fire show. At the end he picked Jackson out and had him stand on a box on one foot and hold a dish that was on a stick spining. After he gave him two dollars and then said wait give one dollar to a little girl on the other side you will be doing that your whole life. It was a fun and unexpected event to our trip.


Okay I know I am a little bias and I know I have other childern but they are at fault too and we can't help taking cute pictures of Isabelle! She is so fun!

This year for our Christmas we followed Jordan to Orlando to his AVMA conference. We were very blessed to be able to find the resources to go. The airplane ride was our first adventure. Jackson was very unsure and made me promise not to leave his side. But the kids loved it and even got to see the where they fly the plane. Our first stop was Disney it was great although very crowded but we got better at the fast pass. Our next love was the ocean. We stayed until it was dark. Our favorite was Sea world. How can you beat feeding the dolphins and watching Shamu carry his trainer out of the water. Definitley a great memory that we won't forget.